Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Examinations up to Solo Seal and has
trained at the Royal Ballet School.

Since starting her professional career, Kim has performed all over Australia
and extensively all over the world in such countries as England, France,
Italy, India, Japan, China, USA, Sth America and Canada.
She has performed at Jupiters Casino, Lido de Paris, Costa Cruises, Bal
Tabarin, Paris Opera Ballet Company and in Las Vegas to name a few.

Kim's choreographic and production experience with her own production
company “KIMSTAR ENTERTAINMENT” includes The Girlie Production,
which was performed in Australia and Italy, choreography and co-ordination
of the Rothamans Farewell Event, Honda Formula One Grand Prix Gala
Event and Charle lingerie launch (Japan).
It has also taken her to India, which she has choreographed and produced
events for Samsung, ABN Amro Bank, Le Meridien Hotel, Teachers Scotch,
ITC Sheraton Hotel, Masterstroke Whiskey, McDowell Derby and JW Marriott
Hotel Mumbai, which she has produced and choreographed the New Years
Eve event since the hotel opened in 2001.  
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She is currently touring Nationally and Internationally with "Cabaret de Paris"

Kim took up pole dancing around 15 years ago, to broaden her dance and
circus skills. She has competed in various pole competitions which she was
a finalist for “Miss Pole Dance Australia” 2005, 2006, 2009, 2012 and was
also runner–up in “Miss Pole Princess” 2006. She has also performed pole
at national and international events in such countries as India. She was a
regular pole performer at Marrickville RSL from 2004 - 2008. Kim was also a
top 5 finalist at Asian Pacific Pole Dance Championships 2010. She was
also honoured by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association with a
Semi Finalist place in the International Pole Championship 2010, 2011,
2012 & 2013

Kim has judged many dance competition throughout Australia and
International, she has also judge Miss Burlesque Australia. She has been
head judge at the North Shore Pole Princess & Vertical limits, over the last
4yrs  as well as judging many other pole competition around Sydney,  
Including ACT Pole Championships, Australian Pole Championships, Mr
Pole Dance 2014, Miss Pole Dance  NSW 2014.

Kim is the Owner / Director of Vertica Dance
Copyright © 2009 - Vertica Dance Fitness Centre  All Right Reserved
Teachers & Student - Pole Achievements

Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist - 2005, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2013
Miss Pole Dance NSW - 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Miss Pole Princess - Northies 2006.
Australian Pole Championships Group / Double Finalist & 3rd Place - 2012
Asian Pacific Pole Dance Championships Finalist 2010.
International Pole Championship Semi Finalist - 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013
Pole Candy Amateur Pole Comp Runner Up - 2010
Semi Professional Pole Candy Finalist - 2012, 2013
Semi Professional Pole Candy Winner - 2012
Miss Pole Princess Crows Nest Amateur Division Finalists - 2012, 2013
Miss Pole Princess Crows Nest Amateur Division Winner - 2012
Miss Pole Princess Crows Nest Professional Division Finalists - 2013, 2014
Miss Pole Princess Crows Nest Professional Division 3rd Place - 2013
Miss Pole Princess Crows Nest Amateur Division Winner - 2014
Miss Pole Princess Crows Nest Amateur Division 3rd Place - 2015
Miss Pole Princess Crows Nest Professional Division 2nd & 3rd Place - 2015
Outlaws Amateur / Professional Pole Competition Winner - 2012
Queensland Pole Championships Winner - 2013
Rising Star Pole Competition Winner  - 2013
NSW Pole Championships Finalists - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Australian Championship
Finalists - 2013, 2014,2015, 2016, 2017
NSW Pole Championships Finalist  - 2nd Runner up 2015
Pole Games Finalists - 2014
Miss Pole Dance NSW 2015
Vertical Limits 2nd Runner up 2015 - Professional
Vertical Limits X Factor Award 2015
Pole Candy Finalists - 2015, 2018
Pole Candy 1st Runner up Amateur division - 2018
Mr Pole Dance International - 2017, 2018, 2019
Hardcore Pole Championships Finalist - 2016, 2018, 2019

North Shore Pole Princess Judge - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Vertical Limits Judge - 2013, 2014, 2015,2016
ACT Pole Championships Judge - 2013
Australian Pole Championships - 2013
NT Pole Dance Fitness Championships Judge - 2013
Dance Filthy Amateur / Professional Competition Judge - 2013
Moulin Rouge Amateur / Professional Competition Judge - 2012
Winter Wonderland Amateur / Professional Competition Judge- 2011
Mr Pole Dance Judge - 2014
Miss Pole Dance NSW  Judge - 2014
Miss Pole Dance QLD Judge - 2016
NSW Pole Championships Judge - 2017
Tayla has been pole dancing at vertica dance studio for 6 years starting at
the age of 16.
From the first class she was absolutely hooked and pole has become her
She has competed in various pole competition around Sydney including the
NSW Pole Championships.
Tayla has a background of gymnastics and jazz and physcial culture from a
younger age.
An Dre has been pole dancing for seven and a half years. He was hooked
after his very first pole class. Despite having no gymnastics or dance
background An Dre is known for his intricate floor work and sexy
choreography. When performing An Dre has a very dark and theatrical
An Dre has won numerous amateur competitions and was the runner-up at
Mr Pole Dance 2014 and finalist in Mr Pole Dance 2013 - 2019 and a
finalist at Pole Theatre 2014 and 2016.

Teaching pole is An Dre’s biggest passion. An Dre has studied his
certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and has a great understanding about
instructing and how to break down information.
Mila stared pole dancing when she was 16 years old and loved it ever since.
With her love for dance and fitness, pole dancing was the perfect thing to start combining
the two together.
She has now been doing it for 4 years and counting, over the years she has also
competed in 5 different competitions including Australian Pole Competition finalist
Amateur division and NSW Pole Competition Professional Division.
Her style can go from dynamite pole tricks right through to floor work and sexy pole. She
wishes to continue motivating herself and everyone in the studio to work and do their best
with pole dancing and in achieving their goals.
Georgie first began pole dancing at vertica when she moved to Australia in 2013. From the
first class she was absolutely hooked and pole has become her passion.
She recently started competing and enjoys challenging herself. Prior to pole dance
Georgie used to teach horse riding whilst living in the U.K.
She is also a qualified dental nurse. When she isn't pole dancing she devotes her time to
her baby son and fiancé.
Achievements: X factor award Vertical Limits 2015 / NSW Pole Championships Finalist /
Pole Candy Finalist
Stacey discovered pole dancing through working in the fitness industry
nearly 10 years ago. She is not only a pole dance Instructor but a fully
qualified Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and Pilates and Yoga
Instructor. Stacey believes that’s life is a dance and she has taken that
With her background of training in Irish dancing from a young age, she’s
represented Australia at The World Championships and won 5 National
titles, she has also won 2 Sport Aerobics National titles.
Stacey was delighted to be part of 2 Miss Pole Dance Finals, the Australian
Pole Championships Finals where she took out the prize for the best Musical
Interpretation and the 2015 Aerial All Stars. She also took to the stage for
2014 PoleCandy Pro Comp and Won!
Stacey couldn’t feel more blessed about the opportunities and experiences
pole dancing has opened, from trips to Japan, L.A and New Zealand, being
part of Cleo’s Rockin’nPole DVD’s and performing on the weekends with
other amazing talents.
Stacey absolutely loves pole dancing for what it does for strength, flexibility,
self-esteem, and most of all, for how fun it is to shake that booty!
Candice - Profile to come
Amber Ray
Amber Ray has been teaching pole dance for over 10 years, and previously trained in
classical and commercial dance.

As a pole artist, Amber has performed for events including The Colombian Hotel (2015)
iCloud in Bali (2014) Victoria Room (2014) Pole Convention (2010 -2013) Italian Fitness
expo, Italian Pole Championship (2010), Miss Pole Dance Switzerland (2010), Bliss
Nightclub and Tantra Nightclub St. Martin Caribbean, Fantasy Las Vegas, French Pole
Dance Championship (2010), Singapole Events, Nova 96.9, Jet Airways, Qantas Airways,
ARK night club, GAS nightclub and SMH (2009 -2012).

As a competitor, Amber is best known for her athleticism, style diversity and performance
skills. Her recent titles include Vertical Limits 1st place (2015, 2014) Miss Pole Dance 2nd
NSW (2014) Dance Filthy 1st (2013) Miss Pole Dance NSW 1st (2013) and Miss Pole
Dance Australia 2nd place (2010).

Amber has had the honour of judging numerous pole competitions including the
International Pole Championship in Singapore (2013), Pole Theatre UK (2014) French
Championships (2010) and many Australian based competitions.

Her dance career has also led her to perform for events including; touring India for
Sheraton Hotels, (2006) Magician’s assistant for Adam Dean Magic to NRL Cheerleader
and So You Think You Can Dance top 100 competitor (2007.) Alongside live
performances, Amber has appeared in film and media prints including; Packed to the
Rafters, Ghost Rider, Mornings with Kerrie Ann, Cosmopolitan magazine, Pole 2 Pole
Magazine, FHM and TMZ (2012).

Along with this experience, Amber has managed to fit even more in – she has taught
masterclasses and workshops in over 12 countries, numerous pole camps and even on a
cruise liner! Teaching weekly classes, Amber has tallied over 8,000 hours of group
dance, pole, and fitness classes.

Amber takes great pride in teaching her students using correct technique, strength and
musicality. All students are welcome in her classes, all she asks for is an open mind and
positive attitude and she assures that with this, students will succeed.

Check out Amber on Instagram: @amber_ray
Kate -  Profile to come